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Oooh, this is good. Can I has Skye and Jemma watching a sappy movie with possible romance or sexy stuff involved? Or Skye and Tripp doing some really geeky stuff :D


This time, Jemma promises herself, she will be good and she will actually sit through the movie without letting her hands wander; there is a time and  place for their activities and during one of the few movie nights they are allowed to have to themselves isn’t one of them. 

They’re so busy with trying to rebuild SHIELD that downtime is precious and sitting down to relax with a sappy movie is a perfectly reasonable request for Skye to want on their date night. 

But Jemma’s resolve is soon melted as she has a lap full of still damp Skye hair and a blissful face that spends as much time smiling up at her as it does watching the antics of the couple on screen (and their highly improbable romantic hi-jinks, but Jemma has sworn off criticizing the plot to sappy movies, no matter how illogical they may be.) 

There’s a light scar on Skye’s forehead, though, and natural scientific curiosity makes Jemma examine the wound with the tips of her fingers. She doesn’t mean to run her fingers lightly through Skye’s hair, but the contented sigh that Skye gives when she does so - and the way she wriggles delightedly on Jemma’s lap - somewhat weakens Jemma’s resolve not to let her hands wander.

Apparently, it weakens Skye’s resolve, too. 

They miss the end of the movie, but that’s alright with Jemma. Everyone knows the ship hits the ice berg, anyway.

Skye + Trip, being geeks 

"Captain America," Skye greets with a salute when Trip comes out of the bathroom. "Steve Rogers never looked so good." 

"Not Steve Rogers. All due respect towards Granddad’s former teammate, but this is the costume of the first Captain America," he corrects. "Isaiah Bradley." 

"Huh. The nuns never mentioned him," Skye notes. "Although I do recall reading some conspiracy theories about other Captain Americas through the years. Apparently, there was a fifties Cap who went completely berserk." 

"That’s true," Trip says. "Granddad and Director Carter were there to put him down. I might tell you that story, too - after I school you about Isaiah Bradley."

"Priorities are important," she says with a nod. "After all, if some jerk on the internet hadn’t argued with me about whether Bucky Barnes really was a Nazi traitor, I might have dressed up as … Iron Man or something. “ 

"Yeah, but Captain America and Iron Man doesn’t have the same ring as Cap and Bucky," Trip tells her. "You ready?"

"Sure. Let’s go tell Coulson bye."

"And make the old man cry about the fact that he’s not going to the con?"

"Well, we did offer him the invitation," Skye points out with a shrug. "If he’d rather stay here and do paperwork…"

Trip’s eyes twinkle with the mischievousness that is in Skye’s grin.  ”In that case, let’s not keep him waiting, Bucky.”

"After you, Cap." 

Look at these cutie pies :D So perfect :D


THOR 2 Behind the scene
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Star Lightning, Kuala Lumpur | Malaysia (by George Barker)

Jeremy Renner || Hawkeye (21/20+)

New stills: Kill the Messenger (x)

While I wait for my pills to kick in, just skimming again through the interview answers a certain comic author sent me for my magazine’s next issue, and smiling already at the first point… I was talking a bit about the situation a year ago when we all desperately waited for a Black Widow comic and then it was finally announced… Like, if there was some kind of pressure for him to jump in because of Natasha’s important role for the female part of the fandom and all.

I like an honest answer like “didn’t really consider all of this, I just wanted to tell a good story”.

I like an honest answer like that even more when it reveals there’s simply a good human being and a wonderful writer behind it.

Because if you’re not even trying to fulfill certain criteria for a character that has been fucked over so often, and you still write such a great book, congratulations. You’re so worth my money.

Awww, I wish you luck! Having an illness pop up when you are busiest is the worst.

Thanks *huggles*. I guess I’ll end up taking sleeping meds in a few, it’s already past 1 am and attack is fully on… And it’s off to the doc again soon *sigh*. Which I hate and since I usually have my RLS episodes once a year or something, I haven’t been in years… Back then they told me, there’s no treatment which is not exactly encouraging. Because migraines obviously wasn’t enough as an untreatable diagnosis. I love my body.


At least no pain in this one but I’d have better things to do at this time of the day than wanting to tear the skin off my leg.

Ugh, body, I need a good night’s sleep. I need to get that interview translated this fucking weekend. The very last fucking thing right now is a fucking RLS attack.