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Favorite Marvel Characters 12/15

Clintasha and horses :D


"You’ve got to be kidding me, right?" Clint moans, as he sees what Natasha has brought him to. It was supposed to be a simple thing, no big surprises, just the one little pleasure to thank him for giving her the arrow necklace he’d gotten in Bulgaria. "Horses? You brought me to see horses?” Natasha just shrugs as he stands there, completely flabbergasted at the situation. 

"I read your file," Natasha just answers, "and I remember there being an entire part of it dedicated to your abilities on a horse," she smiles at him. "Equestrian vaulting, if I remember correctly, had the comment ‘natural grace and strong abilities’." She stops up, in front of one of the stalls, holding a strongly built Haflinger, whom she knew was used for vaulting purposes. Clint is purposefully quiet, sulking. "Oh, don’t be such a child about it," Natasha then adds, as she opens the door to the stall and goes to pet the horse gently on the muzzle.

"This is payback for that time I asked you to demonstrate your ballet skills, isn’t it?" Clint finally asks, as he joins her in the stall, accepting his fate. He goes for the flank, where he strokes the horse, remembering the anatomy of the animal, from his days in the circus, where he’d trained to do some vaulting in case one of the vaulters got sick or injured. Jacques had been very clear: since he was already a great marksman, it would be even better if he could master a second art. Clint had just hoped that the team would never find out that he could give a decent show on the back of a horse. "Yes, it is," Natasha finally answered, and Clint sighed very blatantly. "I’m only doing it if you try it too," he then defended himself. Natasha smiled back at him. "I’d love to."





Let’s all do our part to conserve water and shower with Jem.


Jeremy Renner role appreciation - captured in gifs

American Hustle


These two are gonna kill us in the next weeks, I’m calling it…


The Immigrant (2013) new U.S. Trailer

For the OTthing, how about some Thor?

[Send me a character and I’ll tell you;]

    OTP: ThunderWar *cries* I hate you, Marvel. Killing off ships is so not cool.
    OTF: Thor and Erik are my favorite I think :D.
    OT3: Hmm… Don’t think I have one… Though I do have a thing for Zachary Levi’s Fandral. Like, a big thing. Like, I want his children. Lots of them. For Asgard. So write me a ThunderWar/Fandral smut story and I’m sold.
    NOTP: Thorki *shudders*. It doesn’t change my feelings about them that they’re not blood related, still feels wrong to me.



Budapest by ~amyisalittledecoy

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(you have to fight him for possession of the pillow though…well, fight… wrestle around more like it)

Well, that is definitely more like it.

*throws shirtless Clint Barton at you* there, that’s distracting right?

*squints* It’s a very good start, but I’m not quite sure yet… Maybe we need to unwrap the rest of him to go sure…