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You are amazing and inspiring and I love you, darling, and wish you all the luck! You’ve got this! You kick life’s ass!

Thanks hun

Appointment went well after I did my best puppy face… Unemployment benefits granted and can transfer them to Germany for the next three months. After that if I don’t have a job, I need to have worked in Germany at least for one day to get benefits there, so if everything else fails I’ll just have to do something for a while to get money again. We’ll see.


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So, I actually did pretty good with cutting Thor 2 this weekend… If I manage another session like that tomorrow, I might get the main movie done… And then it’s just bonus material and Cap 2 left… Finally a light at the end of the tunnel in that cutting project.

But first adult stuff tomorrow, which means I’m off for today *sigh*. Gotta file in my personal request for unemployment benefits tomorrow, after already registering online… I left my usual phone alarm clock on which is good for both keeping me in the rhythm and make good use of the rest of the day with cutting. Well, once I’m out of that office, hopefully quickly *ugh bureaucracy*. Need to get sorted out if I either get my benefits from here to Germany for a few months or if I have to apply in Germany once I’m there… Wish me luck for that conversation going without too much trouble *sigh*.

Then on Wednesday I’ll cut the last ropes loose here in Austria, at the bank with all the bank account stuff… Will keep my Austrian account for now if that’s possible *another pair of crossed fingers welcome* so I can a) keep my credit card and b) let my loan for my canon baby camera be paid off without transferring the whole shit to Germany. Ugh, more bureaucracy.

And somewhere in between I finally need to get Nathan’s interview translated and sent to the editors. With the fucking meds and RLS attacks this weekend I had no brains for that.

Then the week after I need to see two to three more movies and write reviews for all of them, including Lucy. Bleh, why is the 15th already so close? I guess I’ll just leave my usual office alarm clock on every day and try to get this done like a normal full time job during the day. Kind of helps keeping the clock ticking and not falling into lazy mode.

And at the end of the month it’s packing two suitcases full of clothes (can leave all my other stuff with my Mom until I know if I can actually get a job in Germany this time, fortunately) and knocking at rennerhawk's door to start my new life. Yep, that's my plan for life for the moment. Completely nuts, but if I didn't try again (already did 2003 and didn't end well), I'd always have been unhappy and wondered if I couldn't do more than a boring 40 h office job. So, here goes nothing and all…

Anyway, off to bed…


With another sleeping pill I might add. Guess a visit at the doctor’s is on the agenda too this week. Thank you, RLS, for coming back at the worst time possible.

So has this already been done or…




Is anyone still looking for an HQ version of the promo?



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