My hamster is a mix of several different breeds. As a result he has patches on his body where his hair grows longer than than the rest, and to keep him comfortable we give him regular “haircuts”. But one oddity we never change is the long strand of hair that grows from his forehead. It’s just a single long tuff of fur. All we have to do is give it a little spin and he instantly becomes a fabulous unicorn.



You and your damn face: Will James edition pt 2


TEHERAN ▬ the first time Clint Barton heard about the Winter Soldier, was when he had gotten a mission to blow up a base full of A.I.M. agents. However, it turned out to be civilians inside, and when he realized his mistake, it was too late, because he wouldn’t be able to diffuse the bomb he had just set up, in time. The Winter Soldier had been there, but SHIELD had brushed it off. Because the Winter Soldier was just a myth, he didn’t actually exist.

DAY 1 of winterhawkweek: FIRST MEETING.


Do not, I mean it, Do not imagine your OTP in the kitchen cooking breakfast together, one standing at the stove as the other is hugging them from behind, resting their heads on the back of their neck and stealing sleepy kisses. I promise this will cause fluffy-cuteness overload and it’s not good for your health.


Another de-stress doodle, this time of Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff. 

The moment you realize, this nice tiny sequence is just really painful.

agent carter week :::  day three
↳ one moment from captain america: the first avenger

steve’s file (you’re late)

This gif has absolutely no other reason
than Chris Evans doing somersaults
for absolutely no other reason
than showing off his glorious butt.
You can scroll on now.


You and your damn face: Will James edition pt 3

Avengers AU: Clintasha - un film noir

"We'll always have Budapest."