Things that make Stormy happy.

Amazingly talented Kanapy did an artwork for my Clintasha Novel The Avengers: 24/7 (ao3) for me.

I can’t tell you how much I love this picture. It’s exactly how I saw it in my head. I’m stunned with the details, the faces, the coloring, the tune. It’s perfect.


The art:

The picture is showing a specific scene of the novel. It’s Clint’s and Natasha’s first night, way back in their past.

A few days after Clint brought her in, Natasha is still fighting her new calling. She hasn’t slept for days, out of mistrust for everyone on the Helicarrier and that new life she’s being thrown into. Clint is the only one she puts something like trust in, after he spared her life.

Eventually, Clint offers her to stay in her room with her, to take care and look out for her so she can rest. When she hesitates, he offers her to wear a special set of handcuffs that are more for protection and will allow enough comfort. That way Natasha has the last of security of a head start, in case her worst fears come true.

Finally Natasha agrees and falls asleep, but soon wakes from an intense nightmare, confused and in panic. After Clint manages it to calm her down, for the first time she thanks him for saving her and for being there for her, in this difficult first time. The conversation leads up to a night of passion.


This is a custom commission for a 200,000 words fanfiction work, and I very much ask you not to use and alter it for your own sidebars, artworks or stories. Reblog the shit out of it, though, for it’s really goddamn beautiful :)

Thank you again, Kanapy, you made me very happy!

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